The CID Industry

The Common Interest Development (CID) IndustryThe Common Interest Development (CID) industry is a rather unique one. What makes the CID industry even more unique and perhaps more difficult to manage is the ever-changing laws, which govern how CIDs operate in the State of California. CIDs, more commonly known as homeowner and condominium associations, require specialized training, experience, and skills to manage efficiently and effectively.

Robert Avila is a heavily trained and certified professional who specializes in assisting CIDs that are self-managed by its board of directors in all facets of the affairs and operations of the association. That assistance includes but is not limited to operations, maintenance, financial reporting, administrative practices, compliance with California Civil Code and Corporations Code, and the enforcement of its governing documents. Robert also assists CIDs with evaluating and overseeing the performance of outside management companies and non-certified in-house management personnel. In addition to assisting pre-established CIDs, Robert has helped developers create the foundation under which a CID will operate for years to come.